Expand Your Serviceable Materials Strategy

Welcome to the Clients First Webinar on Keeping More Revenue By Deploying Serviceable Material Strategies Using Dynamics AX & ProMRO.

Regardless of the MRO sector your company operates within, be it heavy equipment, aircraft, or manufacturing, the business software solution you choose should provide complex functionality to help you achieve your business goals.

An advanced ERP solution must include a rich assortment of features, ranging from inherent document management, strong financials, serviceable material management, and of course a great MRO solution. If your MRO business sells parts, then you will need advanced inventory and distribution. Serial traceability down to the component of your customer’s equipment would also greatly benefit a MRO business. You need the software to minimize paper-based administration, prevent costly services, efficiently plan, schedule and monitor work orders, improve the effectiveness of field-based and mobile maintenance, automate quality checks, etc. Unfortunately, many MROs are unaware that such a solution exists.

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